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It is an indicator that shows Blue Buy and Red Sell arrow on chart when all the internal conditions of entry strategies are met. You place your Buy or Sell order when the Blue Buy or Red Sell arrow shows up on chart.
1.   You will get 5 bonus indicators. *Future Predictor indicator *Symbol Changer display *Line at Current candle indicator *Pipsometer decimal indicator *On Chart Symbol Indicator
2.   You will receive the installation PDF file.
3.   You will get license activation for 2 MT4 account numbers.
4.   You will get free updates.
5.   You will be added to my VIP channel.
Scalper indicator helps you to spot short term trend meant for sure 5 to 10pips target and can give upto 30 to 100 pips in higher timeframe. The scalper signal shows you the BUY and SELL signal. Works on all timeframe but best on H1 and above.
1.   You get 3 bonus indicators: *On_Chart_Symbol indicator *pipsometer_decimal indicator and *Symbol changer profit display indicator
2.   You also get the installation PDF file
3.   You will get license activation for 2 MT4 account numbers.
4.   You will get free updates.
5.   You will be added to my VIP channel.
The YMS_PRO indicator is super in spotting long trend with much pips target. While the scalper gives short trend signal with target of sure 5 to 10pips depending on the timeframe. Though most of the scalper signal achieves more than 70 or 100pips in higher timeframe.
YMS_PRO gives few long trend signal per day unlike the scalper that gives much more signals in a day.
The YMS scalper is 100% non repaint while the YMS_PRO has 5% possibilty to repaint a signal.
Bassically, YMS Scalper is use for scalping while YMS_PRO is not.
YMS_PRO is suitable for those who don't have much time to seat and wacth the chart often.
Our support is avilable 24/7 to attend to your issues. Kindly use the support link to contact us. You can also chat Admin on telegram
Click on any payment option of your choice on the website. Read and follow the instruction on the payment page. After payment. Fill the payment form and submit. Your details will be received and processed within few hours.
It takes 1hrs to 48hrs to receive it in your email depending on the queue from the time you send the proof of payment.
If you are paying for both YMS_PRO indicator and YMS Scalper indicator, you will get $80 discount on the total amount of both indicator. YMS_PRO is $270 and YMS Scalper is $299. The price for both is $569 but you will be paying $489 for the both.
You will receive it through the email address you submitted when filling the proof of payment form on the website. So, it is necessary to use an active and correct email address. Verify all data you entered before submitting.
The YMS indicator is simple and easy to use. It pops up a sign on the chart showing the buy and sell signal. The hard part of analyzing the trend is done by the indicator before showing you the BUY or SELL signal when the entry conditions are met. Nevertheless, the YMS_PRO indicator Live trading action video on the website explains how to place trade with the YMS_PRO indicator.
Every trader who purchased the YMS_PRO indicator or the YMS Scalper indicator gets free update any time its released. It will be sent to your specified email address used to purchase the indicator. You don't need to ask for it.
YMS_PRO indicator is 100% Trend indicator with over 95% accuracy from the signal and 99% accuracy with the added filter system. YMS Scalper is also 100% proven system and 100% non repaint arrow indicator. There are lots of testimonies from users of the YMS indicator. There is nothing hidden on our website concerning our indicators.
Nevertheless, there are scammers out there claiming to have the YMS_PRO indicator and YMS Scalper indicator, defrauding unsuspecting traders in the name of selling the indicator to them. You can only get the genuine licensed YMS_PRO and YMS Scalper indicator from our website
YMS indicators have giving financial freedom to over 99% of users and that is our happiness. Seeing and knowing that our product works and has been an answered prayer to many traders out there gives us so much joy.
YMS Scalper indicator is 100% proven non repaint. Ones the signal pops up, your profit opportunity has showed up.
But the YMS_PRO indicator repaints. But the repainting aspect of the YMS_PRO is taken into cognition during the creation of the YMS_PRO indicator and the possibility of repaint has been dealt with as seen on the Live trade videos on the YMS_PRO page. Its 95% of the arrows dosn't repaint. The 5% repaint are mostly as a result of high impact news which the indicator finds hard to analyze like speeches and unforeseen/out of record economic news. This is why YMS_PRO is 95% accurate and when the signals are filtered with the histogram indicator, its near 100% non-repaint as market is hard to move on region of the filter even during some high impact news.
The YMS indicators are licenced to Account number not to computer. It works on same account number even if its installed on a different computer.